Eradicate Tooth Decay With Dental Fillings

At All Smiles Family Dentistry, we work hard to repair teeth and brighten smiles. Our dentist in Cedar Falls, IA, uses fillings to repair damage caused by cavities, decay, or cracks, protecting and restoring your tooth’s appearance and functionality!

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to restore teeth affected by decay or injury. The filling procedure involves:
• Decay Removal: Following the administration of anesthesia, our doctor will remove decay with specialized dental tools.
• Tooth Preparation: The tooth will then be cleaned and shaped to prepare for the filling.
• Placement: Based on the size of the cavity and its location, we’ll use a filling material (such as composite resin, amalgam, or porcelain) to fill the cavity and repair the tooth's structure.
• Polishing & Bonding: Once placed, we’ll shape the area and may set the material with a curing light. The tooth will then be smoothed to restore your biting function while ensuring your comfort.

What Additional Benefits Do Fillings Provide?

This service can offer a range of advantages beyond restoring damaged teeth, including:
• Prevents Tooth Decay: Fillings are an effective way to stop the advancement of cavities, preventing additional harm to your teeth.
• Repairs Function: Fillings help restore function and enable you to chew and bite normally.
• Reduces Sensitivity: Fillings seal off exposed dentin, which helps minimize sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Fillings can also help correct the appearance of teeth that have been broken or cracked due to an injury, restoring their strength and preventing additional esthetic damage. Materials used in fillings can also protect tooth enamel that’s been worn down by grinding and erosion to minimize sensitivity. Lastly, fillings can improve the look of your smile by addressing cosmetic concerns like tooth discoloration, uneven surfaces, or unwanted gaps between teeth.

Do you have questions about fillings? Call our dentist in Cedar Falls, IA, today!

Eradicate Tooth Decay With Dental Fillings

  • Treat cavities and tooth decay
  • Repair cracked, chipped, and fractured teeth
  • Maintain and support tooth structure
  • Eradicate any pain or sensitivity
  • Restore functionality and the appearance of your smile!